2019 The Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys £5 Silver Proof


The Tower of London has stood on the banks of the River Thames for more than 1,000 years and for the first time ever, The Royal Mint has chosen to feature the Tower of London on United Kingdom coinage. The traditions of the fortress are still rigorously upheld.

The reverse design depicts the keys and lamp central to the ceremony, overlapping a section of the Tower’s walls – which creates a plan of the Tower of London when the four coins in the series are placed together.

The Ceremony of the Keys is a ritual that dates from the reign of Edward III. Every evening the Chief Yeoman Warder oversees the ceremonial locking of the gates. No unwanted visitors can pass between dusk and dawn.

The Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys 2019 is the fourth issue in a four-coin series.